An Executive Suite Facility can Boost Your Start-Up

As a start-up business people usually don’t want to commit to a 5-year lease or lease expensive equipment.  Working from home can be cost saving and “pound foolish” at the same time.

It’s not very professional to conduct business in noisy public places like Starbucks.  So what do you do?  Give a dog a bone and find an executive suite facility where you can rent space by the hour to meet clients or have some quite time to get that important proposal out.

Ways an Executive Suite Facility can Boost Your Start-Up Business

In addition to lowering your overhead, an executive suite facility can make your life easier.  Running a start-up usually means you handle everything from marketing to admin.  Having staff that isn’t on your payroll can lessen your burden.  Here are a few examples:

  • Fake it ‘till you make it – With todays’ resources you can seem like a large company while being a startup.  You’ll instantly have a personal receptionist and secretary at your disposal & a professional address.  Home addresses are too easy to spot.
  • The drop in – What do you do about the client that drops in unannounced? A good receptionist will guard your privacy & be available to your clients.
  • Signature required! – Your receptionist can sign and scan important documents to you while you’re out shopping or drumming up business.    Instant offices are a great resource for mobile and startup companies.
  • Woof Woof – When you are on the phone with clients make sureAn executive suite facility can boost your start-up business you have a nice chew bone for the dog to keep him/her quiet and for children have a special toy or game that they can only use when you are conducting business. With a receptionist answering the phone and a quiet environment on your end, clients won’t know you are on your couch still in your jammies.
  • After hour meetings – Smaller private Office Suites tend to be more flexible and will work with you more readily. They don’t have the corporate bureaucracy to struggle through.  They are also more apt to learn your business and add that “special touch” when dealing with your clients.

Check out our Executive Suite Facility

If you are just starting your business, our professional receptionist  and meeting rooms for rent can be just what the doctor ordered. Lessening some of your burden, without crushing your budget is what we do.  Contact us today!